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Generate Residual Income – What Is Residual Income and How Can You Earn It?

Residual Income

Residual income is income that continues to be earned after the initial effort has been made. This effort may be bringing a customer to a company, selling a product that the customer keeps buying, or owning a website with advertising that continues to generate customers for the advertisers. These types of opportunities may generate extra income, or in some cases they may generate enough to make a living. To successfully generate residual income, it is important to have strong support and training. The best way to get this support is to work with a top network marketing company that knows how to take care of its representatives. It also helps to have a great product in high demand.

Those who have the most success with businesses that generate residual income are those who put in the most time and effort in the beginning. Once the foundation is laid, it is quite possible to sit back, relax, and let the cash roll in. Some freelance writers post their work on freelance websites that pay based on the number of views. Those who make the most money are those that write about subjects that people want to know about, those that write consistently, and those that market their work so that the right people know it is out there.

Eventually, this pays off in that it can generate residual income when people view the same articles for years to come. At some point, the writer may even be able to stop writing and simply update their marketing strategy occasionally, all the while generating income from work that was done a long time ago. Another example is selling magazines. Once someone orders a subscription, many companies offer commission not only on the initial order, but for each additional order thereafter. This means each time a customer renews their subscription the original salesperson receives residual income.

These are only a couple of examples of business endeavors that generate residual income. The most important thing to remember is that you should not expect a fortune immediately. It takes time for income to build, and it can be helpful to have a top company with a great product behind you to help you be successful. Often these types of companies offer training in the beginning and support throughout the relationship to keep earnings at peak level. Make sure you are working with something you believe in, and be willing to put out the initial effort and you can be on your way to earning residual income for years to come.

John DeLong worked on Wall Street for 27 years. He is now an independent representative for a leading network marketing company. To learn about his business visit his website at

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Residual Income

Smartest Residual Income Opportunities


Are you looking for the smartest residual income opportunities that you can do online? You should know that you are not alone in this search. More and more people are becoming convinced that going to work for other people and clocking time in an office every weekday is not going to get them rich in the long run. That is why these people are looking for the smartest residual income opportunities that they can work on during their spare time and which will enable them to leave their day jobs for good.

So, what are the smartest residual income opportunities out there and how do you find them? It really depends on you what kind of opportunity you are searching for, but a single Google search on residual income opportunities will generate a lot of different results. Most common of these results are MLM or network marketing schemes and Internet affiliate business opportunities.

Network Marketing

There are many ways by which you can do network marketing, as each network often has its own system of how it does business. Basically, however, network marketing involves promoting products and moving sales down a network. In a network, there are so-called “uplines” and “downlines.” When you join a network, your uplines are the people who recruited you and those people positioned up in the network. When you start recruiting people, these people will be your downlines.

Network marketing is a good opportunity for residual income. When you build a big enough network of downlines and products are moving steadily down your network, you will continue earning from your network long after you have given up recruiting people in it. Your challenge here is to build a network that is big and stable enough so you will enjoy your residual income in the long run.

Affiliate Marketing

Just like network marketing, affiliate marketing involves moving products and services. But instead of building a network for this purpose, you get to build a website for promoting your products and for building opt-in mailing lists. Your profits depend largely on the traffic that you will generate through methods like social networking, article marketing and pay-per-click campaigns.

Affiliate marketing is a great venture that can become a steady source of residual income. You just need to make sure that traffic keeps coming to your landing and squeeze pages and that you are getting repeat sales from clients.

There are many smart residual income opportunities that you can find online. It is a matter of choosing which residual income opportunities you are going to work on, and giving it all you have got until the business is stable enough to generate the profits that you desire.

The first step when you launch your online business is your personal blog. When you start to build it, make sure to get away from a dead fish effect, which will scare away your visitors. Click the link to WordPress blog secrets to find out more.

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Referral Income and Residual Income – How to Build Both


There are similarities and differences when we talk about referral and residual income. I am a real estate agent and I have seen both.

Referral is really more specific to business than to pure income. When a real estate client of mine refers business to me, then I need to go out and “work” that business before I can get paid. The residual opportunity comes in because of the work I had done in the past that caused a customer to want to refer someone to me. So it’s residual because some of the work was done in the past, and it’s referral because the rest of the work, and subsequently the income, will follow (hopefully!).

Pure residual income is where you perform work once, and it continues to pay you in the future without any more effort required. Finding a truly residual income opportunity is very difficult, but not in possible. Many online marketing programs, MLM opportunities, or network marketing, claim to be residual in nature. Insurance for that matter is very residual in nature.

Of course the most powerful is a combination of the two. When you have people referring customers to your residual income opportunity then you have really hit a sweet spot. This is best achieved online with in various forms of marketing. For example, if I chose a product to market online, then I go through the work of setting up the site, and researching my target audience, before I launch. When I do launch my advertising all I have to do is set up the different advertising campaigns, and then let the content and search engines do the work.

If you have a tremendous product or service, and a way to help people find them online, then you have the beginning of a very powerful referral and residual income opportunity. The trick will be finding a way to get the ball rolling in the sea of online marketing websites and search engines. The best way I have found so far is to partner with a great mentoring and direct marketing company, such as Your Net Biz.

In my four years of online marketing, with real estate and other markets, I have discovered that you have to be willing to spend a little money before you can build a truly residual income. Where I made mistakes was to just jump in and start advertising thinking that I would somehow rise to the top. I could have saved a lot of time and energy if I would have just gone out and spent a little money on a mentor. I am doing that now in Your Net Biz and have seen more success and direction in a month, than I had in the past four years.

Floyd Magee Your Net Biz Associate/ Top Mentor Trainer of Successful Internet Marketing Earners. Helping People Who Want to Learn What it Takes to Succeed Online.


Contact Floyd to Start Making a Living on the Internet Today 970-729-0531

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What is the Best Way to Build Residual Income?


The Beatles – Money (that´s what I want) ;; lyrics
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Lets first look at what residual income is; to get paid over and over again from one piece of work with no extra additional effort. The simple fact is that residual income is not as easy to achieve as some people might think, first of all you need some type of product that is going to be continually renewed by your customers at a cost to them and profit to yourself. In this case the product must be sort after enough to keep customers coming back for more and the market big enough to keep your customer base expanding.

In the above instance your income will only increase when more customers take your product or subscription, in order to gain more customers you must continue working, therefore this is not quite true residual income. The best way to build true residual income is to include the recruitment of a sales team at the same time as customers offering commissions on the products they sell and again on the customers that there sales team recruit.

This type of residual income is called Multi Level Marketing and is true to the word residual income. With this business modal you can keep building your income long after you stop working as all the work is done for you by the people you recruit to sell your product and the people they recruit to sell your product, just like the snow ball effect.

If you already have a great product then you should consider this type of marketing as a way to keep advertising costs down and a way to build a residual income. If you do not have a product then there are plenty of multi level marketing companies that will supply one, ensure it is a product that has a market and that the company is a legitimate one.

Another tip with regards to multi level marketing is always concentrate 80% of your time recruiting the sales team, as they will inevitably buy the product anyway, and 20% recruiting customers. The companies selling the product will tell you it is the other way round, this is because it is easier to sell the product than recruit sales people and they want to sell the product. You need to recruit sales people to ensure your residual income status.

Adam has recently been involved with a registered PLC company in the U.K, using Multi Level Marketing as a method to promote their business. The payment structure is one of the best in MLM and has the power to keep paying you well after retirement. You are not required to purchase a product and the services are required by every home in the U.K. Come and see this amazing opportunity for yourselves.

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Multiple Stream of Income – Multiple Stream of Residual Income Online

Residual Income

Perhaps you should ask yourself this question, “How long can I survive if I lost my job?” Alright, I am assuming that you are holding a day job, and your sole source of income is from your day job. If you have already created multiple streams of income, then you do not need to read the rest of this article; since the purpose of this article is to address why it is important to have multiple streams of income, with particular emphasis on residual income online.

Let me address this issue by answering several questions:

1) Why is it important to have multiple streams of income?

Well, jobs are no longer secure. You never know when the company is going to downsize or restructure. You can spend years climbing the corporate ladder. However, climbing to a higher position doesn’t mean more security. It is always a good idea to have multiple streams of income so that you will not be too dependent on your job.

2) Why is there a specific emphasis on residual income online?

Residual income is great. Residual income means money on autopilot, even while you are sleeping. Doesn’t the idea of earning money while you sleep appeals to you? The truth is all of us only have 24 hours a day. Certainly, we do not want to trade time for money. You only have so much time every day. There is a cap on how much you can earn by trading time for money.

The reason why I emphasize on online income is because there are tons of opportunities online. You can easily start a business online with several hundred dollars, working from home. An online business also offers more flexibility such that you can work on it on a part time basis, while still holding on to your day job. Therefore, you do not need to worry about your finances while working on your online business.

In a traditional offline business, you do not have such flexibility. It may also cost you thousands of dollars just to kick start the business.

3) What are the different kinds of residual income online?

Generally, as long as you get paid monthly for a one time effort, it can be considered as a form of residual income. For example, when you sell a webhosting account which pays you $10 per month, it is considered residual income.

Do not underestimate this $10. Imagine selling 200 webhosting accounts. That will generate $2000 of residual income per month, enough to change the lives of many people.

Other ways to generate residual online income includes online MLM, AdSense, building a large army of affiliates to sell your own products and starting your own membership sites.

Lubano Lim is fun loving entrepreneur with a passion for helping others succeed in their business.

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Residual Income

A Residual Income For A Lifetime

Residual Income

The benefits of having residual income are that you do the work once to initially acquire your customer and then for as long as that person’s connected to your service, you will be paid as stated within the payment terms and agreement. Whether being weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or annually. All you have to do is repeat this process to receive higher commissionable earnings. The beauty of residual income is the comfort and the freedom it provides. If you don’t feel like working for a week, a month or even a year your income doesn’t stop. You will continually receive your commissions for the work that you have already done. That in itself is what makes residual income so powerful and such a very lucrative income opportunity.

People refer to residual income as a smart income versus the everyday 9-5 which is considered less rewarding in the end. Residual income would definitely be the winner of the two comparisons. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not saying that obtaining a residual income is going to be an easy task but it will definitely be the more beneficial of the two when obtained. It is definitely worth the challenge. When in doubt do a list of pros and cons and see which option wins. Especially when taking retirement savings, financial freedom and the time to do whatever you want whenever you want into account.

There are many different companies online and offline that offer residual income opportunities. If you are considering a residual income opportunity, make sure to do a great deal of research about the opportunities and about yourself as well. Similar to a job, you will want to make sure that the opportunity is the right fit for you. Knowing what you like and what best represents you are always the better way of deciding. Then after determining those factors you will want to look into the compensation plan for the companies as well as the company history and credibility. By determining your choices through those methods you will quickly reduce your list, which will hopefully leave you with 3 or less choices to decide from.

When you are down to your top 3 choices I would then look at team advantage. Meaning, what kind of support will you have within your company? You need to make sure that you have the best advantages possible at being successful and any extra support and training that is offered is definitely an asset when deciding. Go to as many meetings as you can and speak with as many members possible to get a good feel of the environment as well as your team. When in business you are in it to win so whatever advantages you may have are a bonus.

I hope you find this insightful and that the article, “A Residual Income” has answered some if not all of the questions you may have had.

There is much to learn about creating a residual income. At you will find more information along with video footage mapping the pros and cons of residual income.

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Residual Income

Awesome Residual Income With Affiliate Marketing Programs

Residual Income

A way to earn recurring income is to find customers one at a time. Then you have sell a product or program that pays you time and time again. This is called a residual income home based business opportunity.

You just need to take the time to find these opportunities because they are all over the internet. You can use Google or your favorite search engine to hunt for these income opportunities.

There are a number of residual income opportunities online that you can promote. You will have to decide on which ones interest you and also which opportunity has the best reputation that you can count on for your home based business.

By having several quality affiliate programs in your home based business you are sure to create a residual income. You must do your homework and make sure it is a good product that people want and will be willing to pay a monthly fee for because if the quality is there in the program you will be able to make a strong residual income.

One of the largest affiliate programs and in the world is ClickBank. They have recently started offering products and programs to to the home based business owner so he can also earn a residual income as well as quick cash. They have e-books in their program so if you have an interest in that area it will also generate a handsome residual income.

Another opportunity for the home based business owner is the multiple tier affiliate program. If you can recruit some top selling affiliates you will make money every month on the sales your that your downline makes. Big ticket programs and products are great for this.

Promoting membership sites that other people have set up is another way of earning money. This is a great opportunity to get involved with because when people sign up for membership sites they are usually expecting to have to pay monthly for access to these type of sites.

Another way to very easy money is a joining a membership program for website hosting. People pay a monthly fee to host their websites and you earn a residual income for making that one sale.

These are a few of the many different affiliate marketing programs that you can choose to start your home based business with. Remember to look at each individual residual income opportunity thoroughly.

Find the best opportunity that will be right for you and start to promote your business with it. Work hard to get your first residual income opportunity profitable and then look to keep on adding programs and before long you will have a residual income producing machine.

Copyright (c) 2008 Jim Suzak

I have been been building a strong foundation for my residual income and you could do the same with the promotion of several affiliate marketing programs. It will take patience but the rewards of a continuing residual income will be satisfying. Check-out my web site for detailed information on how to start your own residual income opportunity. –>

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Residual Income

Building Membership Sites For Profit – The Insider Track to Residual Income

Residual Income

What’s the best way to make a residual income online? It’s membership sites! These are the drivers for many online businesses’ residual income that just arrives on autopilot each and every month. Imagine owning your own profitable membership site, it’s like owning an automatic teller machine that spits out cash every month without fail.

Here’s the insider track to building membership sites for profit:

1. Choose A Profitable Theme For Your Membership Site

This may not sound creative or even original, but one way to choose a profitable theme for your membership site is see what themes do other membership sites in your niche have. If they have been operating for a while, it is clear that the theme has been profitable for them. You can put your own spin and create a similar membership site without it being the same.

2. Get Killer Content

Gather killer content for your website. What I do is I have all my content ready for 3-6 months, so whenever the next month comes around, I just plug in the content! There are two options for your content creation: you can write it yourself or you can hire a professional freelancer to write it.

3. Set Up Your Payment Mechanism

Paypal and Clickbank are two of the best options for setting up a recurring billing payment plan on your website. The plus side of Clickbank is that you can gather affiliates to promote your site on autopilot, or you could even turn your customers into your affiliates to promote your site.

4. Drive Traffic!

Without traffic, no membership site can survive, let alone any online business for that matter. Work on this and spend 80% of your time on it, the power of your marketing will determine your site’s success. Here are the tactics I use with a great deal of success: article marketing, Adwords, forum marketing and joint ventures.

Fabian Tan is a well-known Internet Marketing expert and the author of the popular 51-page Report:

“Murder Your Job: How To Build Cash Sucking Autopilot Businesses In 30 Days Or Less!”

Head over to to get your FREE copy now before it’s gone!

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Residual Income

The Power of Residual Income and How it Will Create Financial Success For You


Residual Income Explained in Plain English.

When deciding on a potential business, it is important to understand that no matter how you want to slice it, sales drives a business. If you are not sales driven, then you should not consider getting into business for yourself. I know that may sound a bit harsh, but the truth of the matter is, no matter what industry or product line you wish to affiliate with, the bottom line is you will need to market, promote, and sell it to someone.

With this in mind, it is also important to understand the different types of compensations that are offered, in sales. No longer is the buy at wholesale; sell at retail, and keep the profit margin the only method for compensation.

The main and most well known method for sales compensation is, of course, commission. The sales person receives a percentage on the sale price (usually the NET sale price). This, of course, varies a great deal depending on the product, the company, the item(s), etc. An insurance salesperson can earn up to 55% commission, when selling a life insurance policy. On the other hand, a real estate agent may only earn 5 -7% commission on a sale. (However, it should be noted that a real estate sale can be HUNDREDS of Thousands of dollars, which more than makes up for the “low” percentage.)

There is a very powerful compensation policy, which many seasoned sales professionals seek out. RESIDUAL commissions are probably the most lucrative of all compensations. This is when a sales person makes a sale, and is given their initial commission on that sale. However, it does not stop there. Every time the customer purchases again, re-orders, again or renews again, the salesman receives an automatic commission on that repeating sale. The commission is paid, even if the salesperson never returns to that customer to make another face to face sale.

Residual commissions are what make insurance sales very popular, as the agent only needs to sell the policy once, and then when the client pays their monthly premium and/or renews their plan, the agent receives a residual commission. These residuals are usually less than the initial commission, but when you add them up, over time, they create a sizeable steady income.

Residual commission compensation has spread to other industries, It is an important part of most multi-level marketing businesses, and has been adapted and tweaked to be even more lucrative, over the years.

When deciding on a business to affiliate with, make sure it offers a strong and lucrative residual income compensation. In all reality, residual income is the key to a very successful and long lasting financial future.

See you at the top.

Here is a choice of EXCELLENT and LEGITIMATE online businesses you can start for LESS THAN a pair of shoes. Visit: [] and start your own profitable internet business for less than it would cost to go out to dinner.

If you are a motivated individual, looking to dramatically increase your income, and have a LOT of fun doing it. then partner up with me. Please visit: [] Please be advised that this website is of an adult nature.

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How Can Web Designers Earn Residual Income With Affiliate Programs

Residual Income

As a web designer you can earn additional profit for recommending very useful (sometimes necessary) services to your clients. In fact, if you are clever you can make more than only additional income. You can build up residual income which will exceed the profit from the web design. The key are residual income affiliate programs.

When you get a new customer make sure that you understand what he exactly needs. First of all, everybody who let you to create new web design needs web hosting. The design you have created cannot be seen without using the web hosting service. And this can be one of your sources of residual income. Join some web hosting affiliate program which offers residual commission. When you finish the design recommend this web host to your client. He will need to pay renewal fees every year and you will get commission from these fees.

Another source of residual income may be domain name registration. Your customer will need a domain. Domain name can be ordered through the web hosting company or separately. The second option is the right for you – find a domain name registration service offering residual income affiliate program. Let your client to register his new domain name using your affiliate link and you will enjoy another annual commission from the domain name renewals.

If you design a website which will be used to generate traffic and earning money online from this traffic you can recommend to be publisher of some advertising network to your client. Most advertising networks pay commission for referring new publishers. Sign up for the network’s affiliate program and use the affiliate link to register your client.

Continue reading this to build up passive income with affiliate programs: Residual Income Affiliate Programs

Author makes good living with affiliate programs since 2002. The success came when he started to concentrate on residual income affiliate programs. He recommends to your attention list of the most profitable affiliate programs which can be found at

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Residual Income

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