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Make Residual Income Online Today

Sometimes you just don’t make enough at work. Or we just simply want to get to a point where you want to your be own boss. Are you worked and underpaid? It happens to the best of us. I’ve seen people with college education and degrees waiting tables because its hard to find a job. There are other ways to make residual income online today. All you have to do is exploit the power of the internet. The definition of residual income is making money with “minimal work from your investments”. This way you could definitely take a much needed vacation or spend more time with your family. Maybe just keeping up with having your bills paid in time.

The benefits of generating and to make residual income online today is that your strong initial effort to get your income started will pay out greatly. The more you do in the beginning the less you will have to do afterward. Then you will have financial freedom. Think about having all the time in the world to do whatever you want to do. The best feeling in the world is not having to answer to somebody else. You can give yourself a pay raise whenever you want by just creating more income streams. Even better, you are really going to have residual income for your retirement.

There are several different types of ways to build those income streams online:

Most importantly you need to have several affiliate programs. That’s one way to make residual income today. The more programs you have, the more income you will generate. They will provide a way to keep track of your sales and commissions that you make. The best way to go about it would have your own website created with several of those affiliate links.

Traffic is another important one. Without any traffic to your website, how are you going to sell? There are several ways you can set that up. One way is pay-per-click. Google has a good program called Google AdWords. That’s a very good way to make residual income today. There are hundreds of ways to generate traffic to your website and affiliate programs. You can pay somebody else to do it for you too. If you set your mind to it, you will be able to do it. It’s all about your effort.

Once you get the hang of how to make residual income today, you are well off. Recruit others to help you. Most affiliate programs offer some sort of commissions for whatever your team sales. Might not be much, but still if added up over time it’s going to make a big difference. Make sure to train them properly and coach them so they can be as good as you. Initial effort will determine the success of your business.

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Residual Income System – The Most Profitable Way to Make Money Online

A residual income system is the most effective way for getting the maximum results out of your advertising. There are lots of products available for promotion as an affiliate that can help you to make some good income online, but the best kinds of products to promote are the kinds that allow you to cash in monthly after the initial sale.

If you can find high converting eBook offers that are selling well, you can earn a load of money if you can sell a good amount of copies, but ultimately there is a still a problem that exists.

Once you’ve made a sale to an individual in order to profit further from that same individual you need to locate more products to sell to them. However the next product you showcase to them may not suite their interests and this could lead to a long pause between now and til you make your next sale to that customer.


If you can locate a program, service or system that require monthly payments, once you attract a good amount of clients to the program, you can position yourself to reap some serious residual income for your time and energy.

The question is: “where to find quality residual income programs to promote that offer recurring commissions?

First of all when it comes to promoting any residual income system online the similarities in terms of effort needed to promote a recurring billing program or membership and one time payment product is virtually the same.

So what’s the difference?

If you want to successfully promote membership programs that will result in continual payments to you from one sale, it is necessary to know how to target your market and perform the proper research to ensure that your marketing efforts are not wasted.

A major reason many marketers experience difficulty promoting memberships and services that pay residual commissions is not targeting the right audience. Without understanding how to conduct proper and effective market research, you could end up losing a whole lot of time and money.

If you would like to learn how to successfully promote a recurring billing, membership or residual income system online than you may be interested in reading my review about the Income Autopilot System. The Income Autopilot system is an internet marketing training program designed to show you in detail exactly where to find and how to promote residual income systems for profit.

Fernando Morales is an internet and affiliate marketing coach, consultant and editor of the No Gurus Necessary internet marketing newsletter.

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More Tips to Help You Make Residual Income Online

Residual Income

Following from my recent article on this subject, this article presents to you a few more considerations, when looking to make residual income online.

If you want to find the right vehicle to achieve your aim, you must be sure you choose a company that ensures positive returns on your investments in time and financial resources. Several critical factors should be taken into consideration when deciding upon the opportunity to partake in. This article is a rigorous brainstorming of some of the issues to consider during the process.

Is it for you?

The first of these has to do with the company’s reputation and longevity. Will it still be in business when you are ready to retire, or is it a passing fad? Next you want to research the company’s management and leadership. Does the leadership lead by word, or by action? Evaluate the training, all the resources and tools that are provided for you, and those that are not. Lastly, determine what degree of time and effort you are willing to invest, and what your level of involvement will be.

Is it something you will be proud to do?

Can you see yourself representing the core principles of the company? Is the company committed to the satisfaction of its partners and customers, while providing real value? Can you afford the overhead to partner with them? Are the company’s marketing techniques current, and do they take advantage of new marketing opportunities and methods as they arise? Will you have access to experienced mentors to enhance your growth?

Will it be worth your while?

Additionally, take into account how much of your success you own at the end of the day, as you want a balanced partnership. Do they have a profitable business model, and is the potential congruent with your goals, both in the short and long term? Do they have multiple revenue streams? Are the commissions commensurate with the value of the products or service? Do they provide what you are seeking in terms of immediate and residual income? Will this investment provide future financial benefit for you and your family?

Ultimately, the most important factor in your choice for making a residual income is how much effort you are willing to put towards your goals. These are all important considerations when choosing a residual income. This is your life; make the best informed decisions that you can, especially in matters of finance.

To review, take into consideration a company’s track record, its leadership, and the training, marketing resources, and customer support available. How comfortable are you representing this company and its products; do you think you can effectively market their products? Is the payment system reliable and equitable, while satisfying your short and long-term goals? Do your homework, and then go find the residual income platform that works for you.

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Residual Income

Multiple Stream of Income – Multiple Stream of Residual Income Online

Residual Income

Perhaps you should ask yourself this question, “How long can I survive if I lost my job?” Alright, I am assuming that you are holding a day job, and your sole source of income is from your day job. If you have already created multiple streams of income, then you do not need to read the rest of this article; since the purpose of this article is to address why it is important to have multiple streams of income, with particular emphasis on residual income online.

Let me address this issue by answering several questions:

1) Why is it important to have multiple streams of income?

Well, jobs are no longer secure. You never know when the company is going to downsize or restructure. You can spend years climbing the corporate ladder. However, climbing to a higher position doesn’t mean more security. It is always a good idea to have multiple streams of income so that you will not be too dependent on your job.

2) Why is there a specific emphasis on residual income online?

Residual income is great. Residual income means money on autopilot, even while you are sleeping. Doesn’t the idea of earning money while you sleep appeals to you? The truth is all of us only have 24 hours a day. Certainly, we do not want to trade time for money. You only have so much time every day. There is a cap on how much you can earn by trading time for money.

The reason why I emphasize on online income is because there are tons of opportunities online. You can easily start a business online with several hundred dollars, working from home. An online business also offers more flexibility such that you can work on it on a part time basis, while still holding on to your day job. Therefore, you do not need to worry about your finances while working on your online business.

In a traditional offline business, you do not have such flexibility. It may also cost you thousands of dollars just to kick start the business.

3) What are the different kinds of residual income online?

Generally, as long as you get paid monthly for a one time effort, it can be considered as a form of residual income. For example, when you sell a webhosting account which pays you $10 per month, it is considered residual income.

Do not underestimate this $10. Imagine selling 200 webhosting accounts. That will generate $2000 of residual income per month, enough to change the lives of many people.

Other ways to generate residual online income includes online MLM, AdSense, building a large army of affiliates to sell your own products and starting your own membership sites.

Lubano Lim is fun loving entrepreneur with a passion for helping others succeed in their business.

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Residual Income

Make Money Online

Make Money Online

Make Money Online 

Make Money OnlineDescription:

Actor: Stephen Luc

Binding: Amazon Instant Video

Creator: Stephen Luc

Creator: The Online Business Profit System

  • Director: Stephen Luc
  • Genre: Nonfiction
  • ProductGroup: Movie
  • ReleaseDate: 2009-10-07
  • RunningTime: 78
  • Studio: The Online Business Profit System
  • Title: Make Money Online & Work from Home – (Video Series #1)

Price: 37.95

Make Money Online

Residual Income: An Interesting Theme of Your Online Business

Residual Profits

Residual Profits – also called residual income, passive income, or passive profits – is a business strategy in which you set up business ventures that continually provide you income profits, with little or no attention.  The establishment of residual profits should be a theme for any busines venture.
Residual income  is when you do the work one time and get paid forever.

Sounds great… huh?

It is passive, recurring income that comes to you every month or time or certain thing happens.  (It’s residual profits!)

Think about this – If you work on hourly basis for 2 hours and get paid of say… $100. You don’t get any backend income on your 2 hours hard work. Your profit is just $100.00 onetime.

If you work the same 2 hours on some of the projects that are aroundor your own, you will be paid continuously month after month (residual profits). So if you get paid $20 every month , your profits will be $240 per year.

This means multiple payments of $20 every month (or residual profits) will be always profitable than one time payment of $100. This is the charm of the residual income (residual profits)  programs.

Every online business person needs to follow this principle to start earning residual incomes (residual profits).

Here are a few of the ways you could be earning residual profits in your business:

1. Membership site – If you have your own membership site, you will be paid every month by your members. No need to sell again and again to them.

2. Affiliate Programs – There are hundreds of affiliate programs on the net. Choose wisely before expecting your reasonable residual income.

Your affiliate product should offer you atleast 30% of the product prize. If your affiliate product is good and with your effort, certainly you will be profited by the affiliate programs.

Most of the people join in every affiliate program and advertise for few days and quit and join in another program. This will be pure waste of time. So try to concentrate on few selected programs.

3. eBooks – Yep…Another way of getting residual income. Whether free ebooks or ebooks with resale rights or ebooks for their personal use, once they go with your name and web site links means, they will send you constant traffic to your web site.

After keeping links, always check them whether working are not.

4. Sell a product and offer upgrades for a minimum fee: This is another way of getting residual income. If your product needs to be upgrade, you can do that at specific intervals with minimum fee.

At these situations, your initial product prize should be reasonable. Otherwise nobody will buy a high prized product that needs to pay for upgrades too.

5. Certain businesses: Like web hosting business. Once you get a customer means, you will get everymonth payment from him. Some other businesses like offering merchant accounts, hosting forums, shoping carts etc also produce regular monthly income.

Conclusion: These are only few ideas on getting residual income.You can think of your own way of getting it on your specific product.

No matter whether you started your online business few months back or today…

Always try to get something from it in the coming years.

Radhika Venkata (c)

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Residual Profits

Make Money Online Video Series

Make Money

Make Money Online Video Series

make money


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  • Creator: The Online Business Profit System
  • Director: Ken Walker
  • Genre: Nonfiction
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  • ReleaseDate: 2009-10-05
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  • Studio: The Online Business Profit System
  • Title: Make Money Online & Work from Home (Video Series #6)

Price: 37.95

Make Money

Make Money Online & Work from Home – (Video Series)

Make Money Online

Make Money Online

Make Money Online

Make Money Online & Work from Home – (Video Series


  • Actor: Steven Luc
  • Binding: Amazon Instant Video
  • Creator: Steven Luc
  • Creator: The Online Business Profit System
  • Director: Steven Luc
  • Genre: Nonfiction
  • ProductGroup: Movie
  • ReleaseDate: 2009-10-02
  • RunningTime: 84
  • Studio: The Online Business Profit System
  • Title: Make Money Online & Work from Home – (Video Series #2)

Price: 37.95

Make Money Online

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