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Build Residual Income on the Internet With the Following 3 Simple Steps

Do you want to build residual income on the Internet? There are so many people who are determined to do this but just simply have no idea how to get started or how to make it happen. If you have no idea what you’re doing building residual income online can be one of the hardest things you will ever deal with. It is going to be essential for you to understand the following 3 simple steps in order for you to know exactly what must be done to be able to build a residual income on the Internet.

Here Are The 3 Simple Steps To Follow:

#1 Join An Affordable Residual Income Home Internet Business

The first step that you have to take is going to be to join an affordable residual income home Internet business. The reason you want to do this is because this kind of business is going to offer residual income and also is going to give you the power of leveraging other people to get involved in your organization so that you can benefit from their effort as well.

#2 Use Article Marketing As Your Main Promotional Method

It is going to be important for you to use article marketing as your main promotional method in order to start seeing results by just investing your time. Of course there are going to be many other methods that you will use along the way that will require your money but is going to be essential for you to master article marketing when you first start out. Always keep in mind that this is one of the most beneficial skills to have on the Internet.

#3 Become A Leader And Build A Strong Team Communication

As I mentioned briefly before, you’re going to build the organization of people that you can benefit from based on their efforts. This is why is going to be important that you build a strong team communication so that you can show them and teach them exactly what they have to do in order to build a team so that they can do it and you can ultimately benefit from all of them. It is a winning situation for both you and your team and together you can continue to strive to build residual income.

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Residual Affiliate Programs

As a new affiliate marketer, you may have started coming across the term “residual” or “recurring” in reference to affiliate programs. So what does it mean? Quite simply: You sell something once, yet continue to be paid month after month.

Residual affiliate programs can be quite lucrative for an affiliate to promote. Because you’re selling something that requires a monthly fee – such as a membership site, ongoing service, or products that get consumed and must be replaced – you can continue earning affiliate income from sales made months and even years ago.

Now, residual income does not last forever. How long it actually lasts depends on the type of products or services you’re promoting.

If you’re promoting a membership site for instance, you’ll continue to earn income as long as the people you referred to the site remain members. If that site is good, your referrals may continue paying for the site for years to come. On average though, many people cancel membership based sites within 3 months.

If you’re promoting something like website hosting accounts though – particularly if you’re promoting them to businesses – these are quite likely to continue for many years. Assuming the hosting company you’re promoting is good, businesses will sign up and continue paying for an indefinite amount of time. Since they’re a business and website hosting is a requirement to run the business, they’ll probably keep the hosting as long as they are in business, or until they decide to try another… if they ever decide to.

So website hosting services can be extremely lucrative for an affiliate to promote. You simply spend time, money and effort to get the new customer, then you continue to earn from that customer for months, or years, into the future. This adds up very nicely over time. If you signed up just one new customer per month for instance, and each one continues their membership for an entire year, then you’ll be earning from 12 by the end of a year.

Another niche market where residual income can be quite profitable is with health and wellness products. I’m not talking about fitness equipment here… instead I’m talking about products that are consumed. Vitamins for instance, or make up, or wrinkle creams. A customer buys these, and uses them every day. After a period of time they run out of the product and must order more. And this is where it gets profitable for an affiliate. If you sold the product through a residual income affiliate program, you’ll earn money again when the customer runs out of their product and orders more.

In some cases, the customer actually signs up for an auto shipment. This means they don’t have to remember to order more product when theirs is gone. Instead, they automatically receive a new shipment each month, or every three months. And they’re automatically billed to, thus you as the affiliate don’t have to worry about whether they’ve reordered or not. It’s all done automatically, so your earnings repeat automatically.

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A Residual Income For A Lifetime

Residual Income

The benefits of having residual income are that you do the work once to initially acquire your customer and then for as long as that person’s connected to your service, you will be paid as stated within the payment terms and agreement. Whether being weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or annually. All you have to do is repeat this process to receive higher commissionable earnings. The beauty of residual income is the comfort and the freedom it provides. If you don’t feel like working for a week, a month or even a year your income doesn’t stop. You will continually receive your commissions for the work that you have already done. That in itself is what makes residual income so powerful and such a very lucrative income opportunity.

People refer to residual income as a smart income versus the everyday 9-5 which is considered less rewarding in the end. Residual income would definitely be the winner of the two comparisons. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not saying that obtaining a residual income is going to be an easy task but it will definitely be the more beneficial of the two when obtained. It is definitely worth the challenge. When in doubt do a list of pros and cons and see which option wins. Especially when taking retirement savings, financial freedom and the time to do whatever you want whenever you want into account.

There are many different companies online and offline that offer residual income opportunities. If you are considering a residual income opportunity, make sure to do a great deal of research about the opportunities and about yourself as well. Similar to a job, you will want to make sure that the opportunity is the right fit for you. Knowing what you like and what best represents you are always the better way of deciding. Then after determining those factors you will want to look into the compensation plan for the companies as well as the company history and credibility. By determining your choices through those methods you will quickly reduce your list, which will hopefully leave you with 3 or less choices to decide from.

When you are down to your top 3 choices I would then look at team advantage. Meaning, what kind of support will you have within your company? You need to make sure that you have the best advantages possible at being successful and any extra support and training that is offered is definitely an asset when deciding. Go to as many meetings as you can and speak with as many members possible to get a good feel of the environment as well as your team. When in business you are in it to win so whatever advantages you may have are a bonus.

I hope you find this insightful and that the article, “A Residual Income” has answered some if not all of the questions you may have had.

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Residual Income

Passive Residual Income – What Your Job Can’t Offer

Residual Income

Everyone wants passive residual income or they would if they knew what it was. If you’re not sure what is residual income is, let me explain it. Residual means left over. So a residual income is that which is left over. Residual income is better than earned income as it does not require you to be physically present. Your income will be flowing regardless of where you are or what you are doing.

I started working with a network marketing company about 10 years ago. I worked hard for a few years and put customers and distributors on the books with the company. After my first few months, I started to be paid in multiple ways. I was paid for every customer I found. I was paid overrides for the customers my distributors found. Then I was paid a passive residual income on the customers, I put on the books months earlier, and a bonus income on my distributors customers.

Every month as my distributors and I built our businesses, the residual income grew. For my reasons, I quit recruiting new people into that business 4 years ago. I still get paid on my customers and my distributors customers today, even though I have done almost no more work. This residual income stream is a passive residual income.

I was ill one month and couldn’t work. I still was paid. My wife couldn’t work, as she was caring for me. No problem, I had done the work years earlier so we got paid. This explains the power of residual income.

Others who receive this type income are inventors, celebrities like actors, actresses, music stars and others. They may make a movie, record a song, or invent something. Whenever their song is played, their movie shown, or their patent is used, they’re paid. Again, an example of passive residual income. Unfortunately, the percentage of actors, singers and inventors is small. Most simply do not have those talents.

Network market is the equal opportunity employer. Anyone who is teachable, can learn the basics of the industry, with the proper template to follow. Many network markets have also found that a good mentor can accelerate their success.

There are those companies that simply say anyone can do this business. While anyone can do the direct sales and network marketing businesses, many fail. The reasons for this are many, but a primary one is poor or lack of training. Those who purpose to be teachable and plug into proper training can and usually are successful in building their network marketing business and building up a strong passive residual income.

Jay Vandenhoff has been a small business owner and entrepreneur most of his life. His network marketing career started 12 years ago. As the internet has evolved he has been evolving too. You can visit Jay’s blog here Check out his web site Work From Home Network [].

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residual income

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Residual Income

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