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Residual Income Is Freedom

Residual Income

Have you heard of residual income? Well, to be safe I will assume that you have not and explain it briefly. The simplest way to describe residual income is to give an example. Think of your favorite music artist. Now think about what they do for a living. They make music right? Then their music is sold.

Here’s where the magic happens.

The musician and the production team may spend one month producing/recording a new album. That album is distributed all over the country or even the world in some cases and people rush out to buy it. Every album sold generates income for that musician. That income continues to trickle in for months, years, even decades and they continue to receive royalty checks. You have heard of royalty checks haven’t you?

So why is that significant ?

I’ll tell you. The music artist put forth a one time effort and was rewarded over and over again for that effort. Royalties is one form of residual income and there is no better way to make money.

The example of the music artist is just one example of how one can create a residual income, but there are endless ways to make money in this fashion and you don’t need to be talented. The basic thing to understand about residual income is that you have the ability often times to increase your income from month to month, because you start off where you left off.

Residual income is so powerful it is really hard to believe that so few people know about it. It is actually being taught in many universities today, but only in recent years. I can tell you that it was not available to me when I was in college. Once you learn how to create it for yourself you will feel cheated by the education system and confused as to why those around you that have known about it where not compelled to pursue it for themselves and/or share that knowledge with those around them.

residual income

The Parable of the Pipeline: How Anyone Can Build a Pipeline of Ongoing Residual Income in the New Economy
by: Burke Hedges
publisher: I N T I Pub & Resource Books Inc, published: 2007-01
ASIN: 189127922X
EAN: 9781891279225
sales rank: 333190
price: $4.99 (new), $4.70 (used)

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Residual Income

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