Residual Income Affiliate Program – Your Path To Wealth?


Is a residual income affiliate program your road to riches? Anyone with a little determination can become successful online. However, many people don’t realize what is involved and don’t take the time to learn the proper techniques. A lot of people assume that online marketing is a scam.

Let me share my marketing experience with you. I started out when I read about how you can make money blogging. I was reading a blog and John Chow often referred to a residual income affiliate program. He had lots of online Clickbank products to promote and seemed to be doing fine. I tried his methods and were relatively unsuccessful for me. I was far from earning any type of residual income affiliate program.

I explored the world of social media marketing. A friend of mine was a social marketing media guru. She worked for a discount airline that used twitter and facebook to make sales. After about a month of trying some different tactics on twitter, I gave up. I was trying to market something I didn’t believe in using twitter, a social media tool I didn’t even like. It works for some people, but not me. I made a couple sales. No residual income stream came from that affiliate program.

I did not give up. I continued writing articles. I really like writing articles and would have appreciated making money from it. After writing many articles on various topics, I gave up. Then I noticed that I did have a sale! It was no residual income that I could live off of, but it did encouraged me to try harder and learn more. I wanted to succeed with a residual income affiliate program.

I joined wealthy affiliate. This company had the necessary tools and training for me to be successful. A blog and a funnel. I could advertise with pay per click and see what type of residual income affiliate program this might turn out to be. Pay per click is amazing. I followed the wealthy affiliate tutorials and had a sale within two days. In all honesty, I think that the key to my success this time around was the follow up emails that were created by wealthy affiliate. After I noticed someone had signed up for the marketing course, the next day I had a sale.

Wealthy affiliate is a great residual income affiliate program that will train you how to promote their service as well as others. The techniques transferrable into every market niche. I examined the amount of traffic that each article was receiving and then it hit me. I was not writing nearly enough articles to warrant a residual income affiliate program. If only 10% of the people are clicking through to my link and my sales page only converts 20% of those people, I need to have at least 100 views before I can expect to make a sale, probably more like 500. To do that, I be sure that I optimize my article for the search engines with the right keywords.

After having a good number of sales, I am hopeful that I will create a successful residual income affiliate program. I have also realized what type of effort it is going to take to create a residual income affiliate program work for me.

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By: Melinda Curle

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Residual Income
Residual Income
Residual Income

Residual Income

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