Residual Income Affiliate Program – Your Path To Wealth?


Is a residual income affiliate program your road to riches? Anyone with a little determination can become successful online. However, many people don’t realize what is involved and don’t take the time to learn the proper techniques. A lot of people assume that online marketing is a scam.

Let me share my marketing experience with you. I started out when I read about how you can make money blogging. I was reading a blog and John Chow often referred to a residual income affiliate program. He had lots of online Clickbank products to promote and seemed to be doing fine. I tried his methods and were relatively unsuccessful for me. I was far from earning any type of residual income affiliate program.

I explored the world of social media marketing. A friend of mine was a social marketing media guru. She worked for a discount airline that used twitter and facebook to make sales. After about a month of trying some different tactics on twitter, I gave up. I was trying to market something I didn’t believe in using twitter, a social media tool I didn’t even like. It works for some people, but not me. I made a couple sales. No residual income stream came from that affiliate program.

I did not give up. I continued writing articles. I really like writing articles and would have appreciated making money from it. After writing many articles on various topics, I gave up. Then I noticed that I did have a sale! It was no residual income that I could live off of, but it did encouraged me to try harder and learn more. I wanted to succeed with a residual income affiliate program.

I joined wealthy affiliate. This company had the necessary tools and training for me to be successful. A blog and a funnel. I could advertise with pay per click and see what type of residual income affiliate program this might turn out to be. Pay per click is amazing. I followed the wealthy affiliate tutorials and had a sale within two days. In all honesty, I think that the key to my success this time around was the follow up emails that were created by wealthy affiliate. After I noticed someone had signed up for the marketing course, the next day I had a sale.

Wealthy affiliate is a great residual income affiliate program that will train you how to promote their service as well as others. The techniques transferrable into every market niche. I examined the amount of traffic that each article was receiving and then it hit me. I was not writing nearly enough articles to warrant a residual income affiliate program. If only 10% of the people are clicking through to my link and my sales page only converts 20% of those people, I need to have at least 100 views before I can expect to make a sale, probably more like 500. To do that, I be sure that I optimize my article for the search engines with the right keywords.

After having a good number of sales, I am hopeful that I will create a successful residual income affiliate program. I have also realized what type of effort it is going to take to create a residual income affiliate program work for me.

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By: Melinda Curle

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What is Residual Income and Do You Need It?

Residual Income

By definition, residual income is recurring payments that you receive long after the initial sale is made, usually in specific amounts and at regular intervals. The potential of residual income in network marketing has changed the face of the home based business environment. Most network marketing businesses are attractive for their residual income component.

The traditional home business owner is one who has a marketable skill and or service. Their income is based on that service and or skill. Examples of this could be interior decorators, party planners, computer programmers and data entry persons.

While these are great businesses, the one thing they lack is the potential for residual income. Once the interior decorator completes their job and receives payment for services rendered, that’s it. No more payments until the next job is completed. The same is true for the party planner, computer programmer and data entry professional. Each of these business owners must continuously provide their services to receive their pay.

The top three reasons to have a residual income home based business:

1) Continuous income potential – As the definition implies, who would not like to earn a continuous income for services performed in the past.

2) Long-term income potential – Passive income businesses have the ability to pay a person over and over for many years as long as the product and or services continue to meet the client’s needs.

3) Unlimited growth potential – Since these opportunities are so intriguing to many people, the growth potential is staggering.

How does the traditional home business owner compare to the home based business owner that receives residual income. In a business that receives residual income you earn money continuously for a job and or service done once. For example, if your company sells a diet supplement and your customer purchases repeatedly you receive a commission each time they purchase the product. Many of these business opportunities are automated and the customers purchase products without the need of having to see and or talk to the person who originally made the sale. With automated ordering and software sales are tracked and the person who first made the sale will continually get credit and receive a residual income.

This income earning component is the driving factor behind most of today’s network marketing businesses.

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Residual Income

More Tips to Help You Make Residual Income Online

Residual Income

Following from my recent article on this subject, this article presents to you a few more considerations, when looking to make residual income online.

If you want to find the right vehicle to achieve your aim, you must be sure you choose a company that ensures positive returns on your investments in time and financial resources. Several critical factors should be taken into consideration when deciding upon the opportunity to partake in. This article is a rigorous brainstorming of some of the issues to consider during the process.

Is it for you?

The first of these has to do with the company’s reputation and longevity. Will it still be in business when you are ready to retire, or is it a passing fad? Next you want to research the company’s management and leadership. Does the leadership lead by word, or by action? Evaluate the training, all the resources and tools that are provided for you, and those that are not. Lastly, determine what degree of time and effort you are willing to invest, and what your level of involvement will be.

Is it something you will be proud to do?

Can you see yourself representing the core principles of the company? Is the company committed to the satisfaction of its partners and customers, while providing real value? Can you afford the overhead to partner with them? Are the company’s marketing techniques current, and do they take advantage of new marketing opportunities and methods as they arise? Will you have access to experienced mentors to enhance your growth?

Will it be worth your while?

Additionally, take into account how much of your success you own at the end of the day, as you want a balanced partnership. Do they have a profitable business model, and is the potential congruent with your goals, both in the short and long term? Do they have multiple revenue streams? Are the commissions commensurate with the value of the products or service? Do they provide what you are seeking in terms of immediate and residual income? Will this investment provide future financial benefit for you and your family?

Ultimately, the most important factor in your choice for making a residual income is how much effort you are willing to put towards your goals. These are all important considerations when choosing a residual income. This is your life; make the best informed decisions that you can, especially in matters of finance.

To review, take into consideration a company’s track record, its leadership, and the training, marketing resources, and customer support available. How comfortable are you representing this company and its products; do you think you can effectively market their products? Is the payment system reliable and equitable, while satisfying your short and long-term goals? Do your homework, and then go find the residual income platform that works for you.

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Residual Income

Residual Income Is Freedom

Residual Income

Have you heard of residual income? Well, to be safe I will assume that you have not and explain it briefly. The simplest way to describe residual income is to give an example. Think of your favorite music artist. Now think about what they do for a living. They make music right? Then their music is sold.

Here’s where the magic happens.

The musician and the production team may spend one month producing/recording a new album. That album is distributed all over the country or even the world in some cases and people rush out to buy it. Every album sold generates income for that musician. That income continues to trickle in for months, years, even decades and they continue to receive royalty checks. You have heard of royalty checks haven’t you?

So why is that significant ?

I’ll tell you. The music artist put forth a one time effort and was rewarded over and over again for that effort. Royalties is one form of residual income and there is no better way to make money.

The example of the music artist is just one example of how one can create a residual income, but there are endless ways to make money in this fashion and you don’t need to be talented. The basic thing to understand about residual income is that you have the ability often times to increase your income from month to month, because you start off where you left off.

Residual income is so powerful it is really hard to believe that so few people know about it. It is actually being taught in many universities today, but only in recent years. I can tell you that it was not available to me when I was in college. Once you learn how to create it for yourself you will feel cheated by the education system and confused as to why those around you that have known about it where not compelled to pursue it for themselves and/or share that knowledge with those around them.

residual income

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Residual Income

Generate Residual Income – What Is Residual Income and How Can You Earn It?

Residual Income

Residual income is income that continues to be earned after the initial effort has been made. This effort may be bringing a customer to a company, selling a product that the customer keeps buying, or owning a website with advertising that continues to generate customers for the advertisers. These types of opportunities may generate extra income, or in some cases they may generate enough to make a living. To successfully generate residual income, it is important to have strong support and training. The best way to get this support is to work with a top network marketing company that knows how to take care of its representatives. It also helps to have a great product in high demand.

Those who have the most success with businesses that generate residual income are those who put in the most time and effort in the beginning. Once the foundation is laid, it is quite possible to sit back, relax, and let the cash roll in. Some freelance writers post their work on freelance websites that pay based on the number of views. Those who make the most money are those that write about subjects that people want to know about, those that write consistently, and those that market their work so that the right people know it is out there.

Eventually, this pays off in that it can generate residual income when people view the same articles for years to come. At some point, the writer may even be able to stop writing and simply update their marketing strategy occasionally, all the while generating income from work that was done a long time ago. Another example is selling magazines. Once someone orders a subscription, many companies offer commission not only on the initial order, but for each additional order thereafter. This means each time a customer renews their subscription the original salesperson receives residual income.

These are only a couple of examples of business endeavors that generate residual income. The most important thing to remember is that you should not expect a fortune immediately. It takes time for income to build, and it can be helpful to have a top company with a great product behind you to help you be successful. Often these types of companies offer training in the beginning and support throughout the relationship to keep earnings at peak level. Make sure you are working with something you believe in, and be willing to put out the initial effort and you can be on your way to earning residual income for years to come.

John DeLong worked on Wall Street for 27 years. He is now an independent representative for a leading network marketing company. To learn about his business visit his website at

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Residual Income

Smartest Residual Income Opportunities


Are you looking for the smartest residual income opportunities that you can do online? You should know that you are not alone in this search. More and more people are becoming convinced that going to work for other people and clocking time in an office every weekday is not going to get them rich in the long run. That is why these people are looking for the smartest residual income opportunities that they can work on during their spare time and which will enable them to leave their day jobs for good.

So, what are the smartest residual income opportunities out there and how do you find them? It really depends on you what kind of opportunity you are searching for, but a single Google search on residual income opportunities will generate a lot of different results. Most common of these results are MLM or network marketing schemes and Internet affiliate business opportunities.

Network Marketing

There are many ways by which you can do network marketing, as each network often has its own system of how it does business. Basically, however, network marketing involves promoting products and moving sales down a network. In a network, there are so-called “uplines” and “downlines.” When you join a network, your uplines are the people who recruited you and those people positioned up in the network. When you start recruiting people, these people will be your downlines.

Network marketing is a good opportunity for residual income. When you build a big enough network of downlines and products are moving steadily down your network, you will continue earning from your network long after you have given up recruiting people in it. Your challenge here is to build a network that is big and stable enough so you will enjoy your residual income in the long run.

Affiliate Marketing

Just like network marketing, affiliate marketing involves moving products and services. But instead of building a network for this purpose, you get to build a website for promoting your products and for building opt-in mailing lists. Your profits depend largely on the traffic that you will generate through methods like social networking, article marketing and pay-per-click campaigns.

Affiliate marketing is a great venture that can become a steady source of residual income. You just need to make sure that traffic keeps coming to your landing and squeeze pages and that you are getting repeat sales from clients.

There are many smart residual income opportunities that you can find online. It is a matter of choosing which residual income opportunities you are going to work on, and giving it all you have got until the business is stable enough to generate the profits that you desire.

The first step when you launch your online business is your personal blog. When you start to build it, make sure to get away from a dead fish effect, which will scare away your visitors. Click the link to WordPress blog secrets to find out more.

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Referral Income and Residual Income – How to Build Both


There are similarities and differences when we talk about referral and residual income. I am a real estate agent and I have seen both.

Referral is really more specific to business than to pure income. When a real estate client of mine refers business to me, then I need to go out and “work” that business before I can get paid. The residual opportunity comes in because of the work I had done in the past that caused a customer to want to refer someone to me. So it’s residual because some of the work was done in the past, and it’s referral because the rest of the work, and subsequently the income, will follow (hopefully!).

Pure residual income is where you perform work once, and it continues to pay you in the future without any more effort required. Finding a truly residual income opportunity is very difficult, but not in possible. Many online marketing programs, MLM opportunities, or network marketing, claim to be residual in nature. Insurance for that matter is very residual in nature.

Of course the most powerful is a combination of the two. When you have people referring customers to your residual income opportunity then you have really hit a sweet spot. This is best achieved online with in various forms of marketing. For example, if I chose a product to market online, then I go through the work of setting up the site, and researching my target audience, before I launch. When I do launch my advertising all I have to do is set up the different advertising campaigns, and then let the content and search engines do the work.

If you have a tremendous product or service, and a way to help people find them online, then you have the beginning of a very powerful referral and residual income opportunity. The trick will be finding a way to get the ball rolling in the sea of online marketing websites and search engines. The best way I have found so far is to partner with a great mentoring and direct marketing company, such as Your Net Biz.

In my four years of online marketing, with real estate and other markets, I have discovered that you have to be willing to spend a little money before you can build a truly residual income. Where I made mistakes was to just jump in and start advertising thinking that I would somehow rise to the top. I could have saved a lot of time and energy if I would have just gone out and spent a little money on a mentor. I am doing that now in Your Net Biz and have seen more success and direction in a month, than I had in the past four years.

Floyd Magee Your Net Biz Associate/ Top Mentor Trainer of Successful Internet Marketing Earners. Helping People Who Want to Learn What it Takes to Succeed Online.


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What is the Best Way to Build Residual Income?


The Beatles – Money (that´s what I want) ;; lyrics
The Beatles – Money (that´s what I want) Song written by Janie Bradford and Berry Gordy year of production – 1963 year of publication – 1963 LYRiCS: Money don´t get everything it´s true What it don´t get, I can´t use Now give me money That´s what I want That´s what I want, yeah That´s what I want, wah Money That´s what I want That´s what I want, yeah That´s what I want Well now give me money A lot of money Wow, yeah, I wanna be free Oh I want money That´s what I want That´s what I want, well Now give me money A lot of money Wow, yeah, you need money now, give me money That´s what I want, yeah that´s what I want

Lets first look at what residual income is; to get paid over and over again from one piece of work with no extra additional effort. The simple fact is that residual income is not as easy to achieve as some people might think, first of all you need some type of product that is going to be continually renewed by your customers at a cost to them and profit to yourself. In this case the product must be sort after enough to keep customers coming back for more and the market big enough to keep your customer base expanding.

In the above instance your income will only increase when more customers take your product or subscription, in order to gain more customers you must continue working, therefore this is not quite true residual income. The best way to build true residual income is to include the recruitment of a sales team at the same time as customers offering commissions on the products they sell and again on the customers that there sales team recruit.

This type of residual income is called Multi Level Marketing and is true to the word residual income. With this business modal you can keep building your income long after you stop working as all the work is done for you by the people you recruit to sell your product and the people they recruit to sell your product, just like the snow ball effect.

If you already have a great product then you should consider this type of marketing as a way to keep advertising costs down and a way to build a residual income. If you do not have a product then there are plenty of multi level marketing companies that will supply one, ensure it is a product that has a market and that the company is a legitimate one.

Another tip with regards to multi level marketing is always concentrate 80% of your time recruiting the sales team, as they will inevitably buy the product anyway, and 20% recruiting customers. The companies selling the product will tell you it is the other way round, this is because it is easier to sell the product than recruit sales people and they want to sell the product. You need to recruit sales people to ensure your residual income status.

Adam has recently been involved with a registered PLC company in the U.K, using Multi Level Marketing as a method to promote their business. The payment structure is one of the best in MLM and has the power to keep paying you well after retirement. You are not required to purchase a product and the services are required by every home in the U.K. Come and see this amazing opportunity for yourselves.

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Multiple Stream of Income – Multiple Stream of Residual Income Online

Residual Income

Perhaps you should ask yourself this question, “How long can I survive if I lost my job?” Alright, I am assuming that you are holding a day job, and your sole source of income is from your day job. If you have already created multiple streams of income, then you do not need to read the rest of this article; since the purpose of this article is to address why it is important to have multiple streams of income, with particular emphasis on residual income online.

Let me address this issue by answering several questions:

1) Why is it important to have multiple streams of income?

Well, jobs are no longer secure. You never know when the company is going to downsize or restructure. You can spend years climbing the corporate ladder. However, climbing to a higher position doesn’t mean more security. It is always a good idea to have multiple streams of income so that you will not be too dependent on your job.

2) Why is there a specific emphasis on residual income online?

Residual income is great. Residual income means money on autopilot, even while you are sleeping. Doesn’t the idea of earning money while you sleep appeals to you? The truth is all of us only have 24 hours a day. Certainly, we do not want to trade time for money. You only have so much time every day. There is a cap on how much you can earn by trading time for money.

The reason why I emphasize on online income is because there are tons of opportunities online. You can easily start a business online with several hundred dollars, working from home. An online business also offers more flexibility such that you can work on it on a part time basis, while still holding on to your day job. Therefore, you do not need to worry about your finances while working on your online business.

In a traditional offline business, you do not have such flexibility. It may also cost you thousands of dollars just to kick start the business.

3) What are the different kinds of residual income online?

Generally, as long as you get paid monthly for a one time effort, it can be considered as a form of residual income. For example, when you sell a webhosting account which pays you $10 per month, it is considered residual income.

Do not underestimate this $10. Imagine selling 200 webhosting accounts. That will generate $2000 of residual income per month, enough to change the lives of many people.

Other ways to generate residual online income includes online MLM, AdSense, building a large army of affiliates to sell your own products and starting your own membership sites.

Lubano Lim is fun loving entrepreneur with a passion for helping others succeed in their business.

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Residual Income

Residual Income Business – Freedom From Financial Constraints

Residual Income

Those who have no idea what the residual income business is all about, we have the answer. It is an interesting money earning option where the effort has to be put in only for a short while and the income comes for a longer duration. This kind of business helps in attaining a positive level of permanence that makes the entrepreneur free from any kind of financial volatility. Once the business gets established, and starts earning money, it can be left alone. Surprisingly, the business will still earn regularly and consistently.

Residual income can be easily compared to the kind of income paid to writers, song lyricists, movie producers, inventors etc, who create a master craft once and keep on earning through their creations’ laurels and landmark achievements. Whenever, some one purchase a copy of their creation, a book, music CD or DVD, or the invention, a chunk of money goes to that person who was behind the conceptualization of that product/service. To explain more precisely, a residual income business generates income that keeps on coming recurrently, even after the devisor of the business leave this world. Now, one need not be only a reputed or a best selling writer or a composer in order to earn residual income.

Refer to the down listed suggestions for establishing an everlasting residual income business:

  • This business will demand plenty of attention and dedication of the entrepreneur. Hence only such business should be worked upon that hold on to the fancy of investor passionately. Only perseverance will produce the results expected.
  • A residual income can only be earned out of a business that is so appealing for the customers that they prefer its products and services, day after day, months after months and years after years. The immense popularity of the business will actually be responsible for building the foundation of the residual income.
  • To make the business reach a certain level will require not just dedication but perfection and expertise also. Tacky services and faulty products won’t run for too long thus resulting in collapse of the business.
  • If such a business is being followed that works online, than entrepreneurs must make sure that they foresee the extent and coverage of technology in the times to come. The residual business must remain fully equipped with its tools and strategies right since beginning lest it will not get sustained for long time.

There are no special skills or talent required for establishing a residual income business. Just as any other business, one needs to be hardworking, persistent and determined to take their business to stable heights. Once they are made to attain such heights that steady income starts inflowing, they can be left alone. Even after being not attended, they will still fetch good returns to entrepreneurs as far as they are alive, even after that.

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Global Strategic Consultant and Internet Marketing entrepreneur

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Residual Income

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