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I’m mad as HECK and I am not going to take it anymore? :)

Seriously – a few years back I was actively involved in the “internet marketing arena.”  I was only working part-time, but I was earning a healthy supplemental income.

Then the invitation came to relocate in a new city and serve a church as pastor.  The responsibilities were bigger – and ministry IS my calling – so I guess you could say I retired.  Hardly spent a moment thinking about internet marketing for the last several years.

Then a few months ago I got interesting in blogging.  I started with a pastor blog, but then (thanks to some automated technologies that makes blogging fun) I decided to branch out.  I only invest a few hours a week – spare time sort of stuff – and I decided to get back into the game, so to speak.

Well, everything has changed.

For one thing, the marketplace is 100 times larger than I remember.  Almost everyone is buying online – books, technology, weight loss information, supplements, car, homes, clothes.  Oh, and we are only scratching the surface.  It’s only going to get bigger and bigger.

That’s the good part of the changing landscape.

But there is also the stuff that is making me mad as heck.  In the last couple months I have invested in several resources by the so-called “gurus” of internet marketing.  What I have got in return is hype, crappy customer support, unworkable business plans, and software that technologically does not work.

Oh, there are some exceptions – but for the most part, these “experts” are con-artists.

Despite my prior experience, the reality is that I am a newbie all over again…

BUT (and this is a pretty big deal) I still have my rolodex.  That’s right…I have “friends” in the biz, people I know can be trusted.

So, I made some connections with some of the old-guard.  These are the guides that never left the game; folks whose integrity has never been questioned; guys who deliver on their promises and offer honest-to-goodness personalized customer support.

Dave Isaacs and Aaron Leighton are at the top of this list.

These guys have been putting together a “newbie” guide for those who want to made a few extra bucs (or more) via the internet.

As soon as it was available, I snatched up resell-rights so I could share it with my friends.

Oh, and I am selling this hot little resource to a price so low that all I expect is that I will make enough to keep my blogs running.  Beyond that, I hope to create some goodwill with my friends and blog visitors.

If you have every thought about starting an online business, this is the guide you need.  This guide cuts through the hype and confusion and tells you really works and what doesn’t.

This comprehensive guide will SAVEyou a LOT of time, money and frustration in the long run. 

Oh, I am taking away all the risk, too…with a full sixty day refund guarantee.  Once you read the guide, I doubt you’ll be requesting the refund.  Especially when you see just how much you are getting for an incredibly low price.

You can get all the details right now when you visit




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